Friday, October 15, 2021

New World And The Impact On EVE

We are now two weeks after the launch of New World. So far, the release from Amazon Game Studios is holding up, with Steam Charts showing over 550,000 players logged in yesterday. I think holding the game up to the over 900,000 logged in users on launch day is unfair, as a lot of those players were stuck in 25,000 person queues.

New World logged in players as seen on 15 Oct 2021

I normally disregard SteamCharts, but as Amazon is selling Steam codes for the game, I'll assume most players are accessing the game through Steam. In the case of New World, SteamCharts may act like a version of EVE's

I was inspired to write this post because over the last seven days the second most popular article on The Nosy Gamer was EVE Online's Great Decline of 2021. I have the feeling people think any lower activity in EVE is due to some huge decline of players leaving for New World. Let me insert Ripard Teg's updated average concurrent user graph below.

Tranquility ACU from October 2020 to September 2021

The big decline occurred due to the war in Delve becoming a siege of The Imperium's last constellation and players leaving for better content either in other games or real life. Following the final anti-climatic battle and TEST's subsequent withdrawal to the opposite side of the cluster, activity was struggling to get back to pre-war norms.

ACU over the last week declined

EVE Offline is showing the average concurrent user mark lowering again down to 19,000. But we've seen fluxuations like that over the last month or two. The question is whether we will see another positive increase in the near future.

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