Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Tranquility Upgrade Is Complete

I think some EVE Online players were disappointed at the late release of the Crimson Harvest event this year. Events like the Crimson Harvest usually launch on the main Tranquility cluster two days after a major patch. Normally, that would have occurred on 21 October, two days after the release of the Summon The Swarm update. Instead, the Crimson Harvest goes live tomorrow.

Why the delay? I believe the upgrades to Tranquility play a large role. The good news is, the upgrades are complete. CCP Explorer tweeted about the status yesterday.

Yes, the post is going to consist of a lot of tweets from CCP Explorer. But he answered a few good questions. First, what type of hardware was inserted into the mix.

I'll have to admit, the next tweet made me laugh out loud in real life, but not in an EVE Online context.

The reason for the laughter is that Star Citizen is running on Amazon Web Service servers. If CCP has determined that the AWS servers are not powerful enough to host EVE, how are they powerful enough to host something as complex as Star Citizen?

I know that user numbers in EVE have been down the last couple of weeks. Hopefully the Crimson Harvest event will draw players in and we'll get to see if the latest infrastructure changes have made a difference in Tranquility's performance.

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