Thursday, November 4, 2021

CCP Added A Captcha To The EVE Online Launcher

I went to log into EVE Online this morning and found something I hadn't seen before: a captcha. The scary part was, I needed four tries to finally reach the character selection screen.

No, I'm not showing you my personal and computer information

Thinking about the matter for a few minutes, I realized I have four accounts I have logged into using my current computer. CCP wouldn't have made me do all the CAPTCHAs at once for all accounts, would they? If something like that was instituted into the launcher, I'm pretty sure the EVE sub-Reddit would resemble the burning pits of hell with all the outraged posts. Yet, I saw nothing when I looked.

Once I logged in my first character, I didn't see any further CAPTCHA for the other two characters I logged in. I'm glad I took a screenshot or else I might have thought I was imagining things. But I did have to make a post because CCP is still making security improvements. I have a couple of botting forums I can visit to see if botters start complaining about this latest measure.

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