Tuesday, November 30, 2021

CCP Changes More December Patch Plans

For those waiting for a dev blog detailing all the upcoming industry changes, expect a lengthy wait. CCP Psych made another post on the EVE Online forums listing alterations to previous announced changes. I understand the structure of CCP Psych's, but I think he buried the lede. I will address the topics in the post in the following order: R4 moons, planetary interaction changes, and ship changes.

First, the changes to R4 moons. The materials extracted from the lowest class of moon are called Ubiquitous Moon Ores.

After some lengthy conversations we have decided for this release to withdraw ALL changes to Ubiquitous Moon Ores in relation to their refined materials. This means they will retain their current Pyerite and Mexallon quantities and their extraction rate will be doubled as per all other moons.

We still plan to remove all basic minerals from all moons, and we will reevaluate options during or after the compression update.

The next subject is PI materials. As someone who set up PI farms in low sec, I really appreciate the next change.

We still plan to make adjustments to PI as per our plans to reduce manufacturing costs (more on the Winter Outlook blog, coming out soon™) and we are currently considering the reduction of volume for materials of ALL PI tiers.

I really hope this isn't a tease.

Finally, the changes to ships.

All ships that had the specialized ore hold will now see a Mining Hold where all mine-able resources can be stored. The new Ore, Ice and Gas specialized holds are added to hauling ships as per the original plan.

I have to admit I never tried to haul gas around in my Orca, so I don't know if their ore holds could already carry gas. I do know that the Prospect's ore hold would hold gas already. The Hoarder, Kryos, and Primae will still receive their planned modifications:

  • Hoarder: gets a 30k gas hold and relevant bonus
  • Kryos: gets a 30k ice hold and relevant bonus
  • Primae: gets a 10k ice hold and 10k gas hold

Mining barges and exhumers will receive an increase in mining hold capacity.

Ore hold changes

On a personal note, I like the 33% increase in the Procurer's ore capacity. I could have used it so much when I mined in low sec.

Again, I want to record all the changes to document CCP's reaction to the backlash from the player base over their proposed changes. One of the purposes of the Council of Stellar Management is to act as a feedback group so bad ideas don't see the light of day and make CCP look bad. Some devs take advantage of having a group under an NDA. Some don't. Whoever was in charge of the latest effort obviously didn't utilize the group. I'll end with a quote from the MMORPG interview with CCP Rattati I examined two weeks ago.

“It’s been a long road,” EVE’s Director of Product Snorri “CCP Rattati” Árnason said in response to whether or not the dev team expected this kind of reaction. “I think the expectation for many people was that we’re going back to what it used to be, like literally used to be.”

Árnason continues, stating that the team could feel there would be some pushback, as they were already getting “premonitions” from the Council of Stellar Management, or CSM, which is a player-elected player council that works as a liaison between CCP Games and the community at large. Brand Manager Sæmundur Hermannsson echoed this, stating that there were varying beliefs as well as to what the end of scarcity would actually mean.

“Everybody in the community has a different opinion of what [the] end of scarcity meant. And now it’s the end, and for some people it’s a total anticlimax as they had just a different expectation as far as what it had meant.” [emphasis mine]

If CCP is going to have a group like the CSM, the least they can do is take the feedback seriously.

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