Sunday, November 14, 2021

Jita Protests Took Place On November 13th

I normally don't post blogs on Sundays, but I need to do so as a record of what is happening in EVE Online. Blizzard Entertainment and the World of Warcraft development team are not the only ones dealing with a disgruntled fan base.

Yesterday players started shooting the Jita monument for a variety of reasons. Press reports and the EVE sub-Reddit have the number of players in the system at over 6,000. According to CCP, those reports are incorrect. CCP Swift provided an update on r/eve:

The real max number was somewhere just north of 4,000, as the Jita system is capped at 4,000. People logging in after the server population is reached are moved to surrounding systems.

As a historical note, CCP Swift was elected as an alternate member of CSM 6, the group of players who had to deal with the Jita riots during the Summer of Rage in 2011. When the crisis has passed, hopefully someone asks him to compare the two experiences.

Rhivre on Imperium News touched on some of the reasons for the protests in her article yesterday. I've covered some of them myself. Not only the resource changes announced Friday, but Pearl Abyss' direction of becoming heavily involved in NFTs as disclosed in last week's Q3 2021 earnings call.

In EVE Online, an event doesn't become huge unless higher ups at CCP are quoted making statements the players don't like. In 2011, that was CCP Games' CEO, Hilmar Veigar P├ętursson. Today, the honor goes to CCP Rattati, the Director of Product for EVE Online. I've seen a post on the EVE sub-Reddit passed around that some players may not like. When I read everything in context, I facepalmed in real life.

Insert "Do you play your own game" joke here

When I read the full exchange, my first thought was lowering the mining output and processing of single characters will require more characters to perform the tasks. And since you need more characters, you need more accounts in space. Traditionally for tasks such as mining, the solution is for miners to spin up more accounts and multi-box. But I've spent most of my time mining in EVE in low security space. I don't even think in terms of moon mining. Angry Mustache does and confirmed my thoughts when I got down to his follow-up post.

I'm glad someone stated the obvious response

I'm going to refrain myself from the CCP Rattati quotes, as the one that really left me scratching my head deserves at least one post to dissect. I think I need to write another post about the primary RMT market in EVE Online.

Those are my thoughts so far about the possible Winter of Discontent. I do have to add one more image. When I logged into the game on Friday, I saw an ad for the 2-for-1 sale on skill extractors on the launcher.

What I saw on the launcher as it updated

I know that a lot of players are going to want to extract skill points from Rorqual alts, but the sale was not a very good look.

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