Monday, November 1, 2021

Cloud Imperium Games Records $8 Million In Sales In October 2021

Early this morning in the U.S., Cloud Imperium Games reached $395.5 million in sales for virtual products for Star Citizen and Squadron 42. The figure represents $8 million in sales for the month of October.

Overall, CIG has raised $515.1 million since 2012 according to information published by the company. In addition to the funding page, the below list includes information from the 2019 financials report.

  • Pledges/Counter (thru Oct 2021) - $395.5 million
  • Subscriptions (thru Dec 2019) - $18.1 million
  • Other Income (thru Dec 2019) - $38.3 million
  • Outside Investment (thru Dec 2019) - $63.25 million

I only recently began tracking CIG's sales figures, but I remember that in November 2020 the amount raised was in the double-digit millions of dollars. With the big Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2951 event running from 19 November to 1 December, I expect CIG to earn another $10-$15 million in November.

I do want to add one final note. With the revelation that Cloud Imperium UK Ltd. paid an 86 pence per share dividend in 2020, I am no longer going to refer to the total on the funding page as a "donation" or a "pledge". If a company is paying out dividends, language suggesting the company is some sort of non-profit organization does not seem appropriate.

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