Saturday, November 20, 2021

Star Citizen And Squadron 42 Pass $400 Million In Sales

Earlier today, Cloud Imperium Games' passed $400 million in sales for the two games it is developing, Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2951 is currently underway, having begun yesterday and running to 1 December. During the event, people can try Star Citizen for free. In addition, everyone can try out all the ships available in the game. 

The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo is the biggest ship sale of the year for Star Citizen players. Some ships are available for purchase only for a limited time, which in some cases includes limited time insurance. Sources conflict, but my general impression is that the LTI will last for 10 years after the game fully launches. An advantage of purchasing ships through the cash store is that after every server wipe in alpha and beta, players will get the ships back. No necessity to earn credits to repurchase ships through in-game activities after a server wipe for those who open up their real world wallets.

Overall, CIG has raised $520 million since 2012 according to information published by the company. In addition to the funding page, the below list includes information from the 2019 financials report.

  • Pledges/Counter (thru today) - $400.4 million
  • Subscriptions (thru Dec 2019) - $18.1 million
  • Other Income (thru Dec 2019) - $38.3 million
  • Outside Investment (thru Dec 2019) - $63.25 million

Personally, I expect the funding page to exceed $410 million by the end of the event. I thought I should record the milestone before I forget.

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