Wednesday, November 21, 2012

CCP's War On Bots: Upon Further Review

Late word coming out of Against ALL Authorities is that Psyco Groupie, a director of The Maverick Navy, was the pilot referred to in the leaked Eve mail on Eve Skunk stating that a call to arms was cancelled due to the banning of 20 logistics accounts.  More importantly, CCP has cleared Psyco Groupie of all wrong-doing and reinstated all of his accounts.  I received word last night that all 20 accounts in question belong to Psyco Groupie.

According to Psyco Groupie he purchased two accounts on the official Eve Online forums.  These accounts transferred assets to the owner's main accounts and then the owner RMT'd the ISK before leaving the game.  Upon review the GMs determined that the illicit RMT activity all occurred before Psyco Groupie took control of the pilots.  As is CCP's custom when mistakenly banning a player, Psycho Groupie received a "generous amount" of game time for his accounts.

I still have questions.  Just how many accounts did CCP ban for RMT in order to see the price increases for illicit ISK like we have over the past three weeks?  How many alliances will eventually get hit?  Have any POS exploded yet?  And what happened this past weekend to make the prices at Avatar Bank and Koala Credits jump so much?

I should add one warning.  Be very careful about buying characters, even on the Eve Online forums. Perhaps I've spent too much time on botting forums but I would never purchase a character.  Too much risk of what happened to Psyco Groupie happening to you.


  1. I think that's the main reason to buy your accounts through the official forum. You are then able to reference the purchase and not be held liable for for the activity on the account prior to the purchase. Exactly what happened here with Psyco.

    If you do a backroom deal where you just take over an account and change the payment details, then you have no protection.

  2. On another note just thinking but when one person in this situation has 20 accounts and i'm sure that can be numerous people I really wonder exactly how many people really does play EVE and I don't mean accounts but individuals of them. Almost everyone in EVE seem to have at least 2 accounts and many have at least 3 and many more and that don't even include the many Bot accounts that are getting banned often as it is. With so many individual players having so many account, i can't help but wonder what the EVE player base real numbers are.

    1. I think, being generous, there "might" be 150,000 actual players. The longer a customer plays, the more they realize it's advantageous to have more than one account.