Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holding Pattern

I have to admit I am in a bit of a holding pattern where Eve Online is concerned.  With the Retribution expansion less than a week away I don't feel like doing much in the game.  My favorite combat ship the Hurricane.  Getting nerfed.  I can finally fly the Drake.  Heavy missiles getting nerfed.  Courier missions in low-sec?  With the changes to Crimewatch that's about to become more dangerous as well.  If carebears were afraid of traveling in low-sec before, I think they'll really have a reason to fear now.  I don't want to develop bad habits.  I want to get into the proper mindset before the changes come along.

I guess I could log onto the Buckingham test server and do some theory crafting, but I'm doing a lot of that in real life right now and I just want some mindless fun.  Since Retribution will involve changing the way I think inside Eve I'm spending a lot of time in Guild Wars 2.  I always find that when I play another MMO and then switch back to Eve I need to make mental adjustments.  Since Retribution involves making mental adjustments anyway I might as well get GW2 out of my system before the expansion hits.

I do have to admit that once I hit the part of the personal story where I joined the Order of Whispers I started liking the game more.  A couple of days ago I bemoaned the voice acting in GW2 that led me to choose to play a female human.  But the combination of my red-headed ranger and the char engineer Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw is just so, well, cute, that I'm changing my mind and deciding that everything is turning out for the best after all.

As for Star Wars: The Old Republic?  I don't think I'm going to continue that game.  One, I really can't imagine playing three MMOs at once and two, the combat in GW2 is just better.  I was using a long bow with the axe/war horn combination and switched out the long bow for the short bow.  Combat became a lot more fun as I'm moving around trying to get flanking positions.  The short bow is good for single targets, the axe is good for multiple targets and the war horn has a skill, Hunter's Call, that reminds me of the EverQuest 2 ranger ability Hawk Attack, except better.

Hopefully I'll snap out of the funk this weekend and become motivated after watching the last weekend of the New Eden Open.  With fewer matches I expect to see CCP to use the opportunity to showcase the changes to Retribution.  Of course, watching the stream means I won't be logged onto Tranquility, but I can't have everything.


  1. You seem to like posting about RMT but you lack the research skills to notice stuff right in your face.

    Here is a little something to send you in the right direction:

    Do you feel like tackling 100 pound gorilla?

  2. You mean the old story of how Marcus Eikenberry (aka Markee Dragon), one of the biggest RMT operators of all time, founded Shattered Crystal? And how he had to divest himself from his interest in Shattered Crystal because it was trying to be a straight site and once game companies found out he was associated with the site they refused to do business with it? And how in Feb/March 2010 he went straight? And how went from a hotbed of RMT activity on its forums to the forums being transferred to And how is actually now an approved seller of Eve Online GTCs?

    Or are you talking about the scams done by a lot of these gold selling sites in which they demand copies of official documents, quite frequently passports?

    Am I missing something? A link to a 2007 forum thread, which was 2 years before I started playing Eve, is a little vague.

  3. If you can't notice the obvious question of why CCP was cooperating with an RMT outlet then I can't help you.

    By the way "going legit" is a very nice way of putting what actually happened. Blizzard simply put his sorry ass out of businesses by going after his paypal accounts (butthurt in his videos about that is rather amusing).

    1. So let me get this straight. You want me to stop looking into what RMT companies are doing today and chase into a story embedded in a 5 1/2 year old forum thread? Especially since the research I have done on the story (and I looked into this a long time before you posted your link) tells me MarkeeDragon got out of the RMT business over 2 1/2 years ago?

      FYI - I looked into this story when I found selling GTCs and I thought "why was CCP doing business with an RMT'er? Then I found it was a non-story since he was now legit, no matter the reason.