Monday, November 12, 2012

Nine Days

"As a reminder, we would like to state there are no skill changes planned for the winter expansion - your Destroyers and Battlecruisers skills are safe for now, as we are not adjusting spaceship command skill trees until we are done with the Battlecruiser class."

I know that I still have a lot of time to take advantage of the training changes coming with CCP's tiericide efforts but with the latest dev blog discussing battlecruiser and battleship changes I figure I need to take care of business before I forget.
  • Breaking Destroyers and Battlecruisers skills into four racial versions with an identical training multiplier (thus making it four times harder to get all races trained)
  • Changing skill requirements for Racial Cruisers from Racial Frigates 4 to Racial Destroyers 4
  • Changing skill requirements for Racial Battleships from Racial Cruisers 4 to Racial Battlecruisers 4
  • Changing skill requirements for capital ships from Racial Battleships 5 to 4, but introducing or increasing other skills to keep the same overall training time requirements
Up until now both of my main pilots have exclusively flown Minmatar and ORE ships.  As such both have trained both Destroyers and Battlecruisers to V.  If the implementation of racial Destroyers and racial Battlecruisers occurred today, I would only receive Minmatar Destroyers V and Minmatar Battlecruisers V.  So what would I need to do to get all of the racial Destroyers and racial Battlecruisers to V?  Here is what CCP Ytterbium wrote:
"Let us repeat again: if you could fly it before, you will be able to do so after the change. Technically it means if you are able to fly an Oracle by having Amarr Cruisers 3 and Battlecruisers 3, we will remove the Battlecruisers skill from your character and give you Amarr Battlecruisers at 3. If you had Battlecruisers at 3 and Caldari Cruisers 3 instead, you would not receive Amarr Battlecruisers but the Caldari Battlecruisers skill at 3 instead. The same principle work with the Destroyers skill."
CCP Fozzie clarified further in the comments thread for the dev blog when answering a question:
Antoine Jordan:  "So if I have Battlecruisers V and Amarr Cruiser III, after the patch I'll have Amarr Battlecruiser V, right? So that I can fly them to the same effectiveness I could before the patch."

CCP Fozzie:  "This is correct."

So all I need to do is train the three racial Cruiser skills I don't have to III and I will have Battlecruisers V for all races.  As a byproduct of the requirement to train the racial Frigate skills to IV before beginning Cruiser training, I'll also have Destroyers trained to V as well.  The nicest part is how long the training takes for me.  Even with my attributes not min/max'd each of my pilots will finish in under nine days.

Nine days.  Yes, I know that I still have to learn the gunnery skills to fly the ships properly (well, except for the Caldari missile boats).  But for the eventual payoff I think I can divert nine days of training for support skills on both my pilots to have a big payoff down the line.  I can't wait for the spring expansion.


  1. For Sugar its not such a big deal. For my other two combat focused alts its rather irritating because neither has BCV or Dessie V but both fly things and will fly things that can pewpew. My training program is out the window for the next two months.

  2. It's a pity that it is given away that easy. As someone who has trained all cruisers to V and all frigs to V it seams a bit too easy to go with lvl 3 for all racial cruisers. The new tree of advancement suggests level 4 to the next level so you couldn't train BC before having the racial at cruiser at IV at least.

    I know the crying would be too big if they would step back from the point of "what you can fly now, you can fly it later" but it seams too cheap that any pilot who trained for Drake V will soon be able to sit in any BC or maybe even any command ship without the need of pushing the other race-specific ships up.
    Hopefully they compensate that with the secondary skills or all and everyone will be flying command ships of any race.

    1. So what you are saying is that if I can fly all Battlecruisers at V before the change that I shouldn't necessarily be able to fly all battlecruisers at V afterwards. To go further I maybe shouldn't be allowed to fly some battlecruisers at all. That is an interesting perspective.

    2. hehe, yeah it is a very complicated topic. The point is everyone here right now in the game will do the min/max game and get all BCs on V with a lucky fortune. Someone joining later will need about 3 times more in days to train that.

      But my main concern really is with command ships. Training for all races needs your cruiser skill on V and if they change that too and you only need BC V all of a sudden most players can fly any command ship.

      And no, I don't say you shouldn't be allowed to fly a BC at all if you could fly it before. But Cruiser 3 is a joke. If I look at Character X and see "cruiser race X at 3 and BC at 5" ... Check gunnery "no laser skills, no projectile skills" that guy really wasn't flying a harbinger or a hurricane. At least not serious enough to "deserve" racial BC V skill.
      Just my opinion. Maybe I have seen too often what happens once something like this is granted. Learning skills got killed (that was good) and now every time anything is changed XY players whining around "mimimi, I demand my skills being reimbursed or I quit"

      And, what you haven't been flying before, you wouldn't be flying after patch. Don't see why to put the limit that low. ;-)

    3. When I was on my way to work I realized that you were really referring to command ships. That deserves a post of its own.