Friday, November 2, 2012

Thoughts Before Vacation

Next week I'm taking time off from work to rest and recuperate.  I might even take a day or two off from blogging if I get involved in something interesting.  Or I might blog more if Team Security becomes more active.  But before I go off and lose myself in the world of relaxation I have a few thoughts.

CCP Stillman Unleashed?  I thought the ban wave for illicit RMT activities would wait until CCP Sreegs returned from paternity leave.  Apparently not, because both and Eve News 24 are reporting that Team Security has pushed the button, with Against ALL Authorities forced to cancel a CTA due to the ban of 20 logistics pilots for engaging in the illicit RMT trade.  Looks like I need to step up my game, although my weakest area of coverage on The War on Bots™ is null sec.

The MSM catches up to -  Those of us in the Eve community knew about Sean "Vile Rat" Smith's observations that the bad guys were scouting out the embassy in Benghazi from reading  Now Foreign Policy is reporting that those concerns were reported to the authorities at the time.  CBS also came out with a scathing story about the Obama administration's reaction to the Benghazi attack.   First Fast and Furious, now Benghazi; the president must really hate Sharyl Attkisson right now. 

Eve Online - Next week I get some quality playtime and I'm going to work on my scanning and finish up my prep work to set up a second base in low security space.

Guild Wars 2 - I'm finally past the human starting area into Kessex Hills.  Gathering the materials to get to 75 for my crafting skills was a pain, but I liked the discovery process in which I got my crafting recipes.  I was reminded of opening packs of Magic: The Gathering Cards back in the day, except with no addictive new card smell.  I'm at level 24.5 now.  Maybe I can make level 30 by the end of the week.

Reamde - I'm behind on my reading but have picked up Neal Stephenson's Reamde and hope to finish it next week.  I first heard about the book from a post by Rutgers law professor Greg Lastowka on Terra Nova.  A book in which real money trading in incorporated as a main part of the plot?  Sounds interesting.

That's all for today.  People may actually see me in game and know that I'm not a unicorn.


  1. If you have a look at Dotlan at the various systems (jumps 24 hours) there seems to be a much greater ebb and flow whereas it used to be much more flat. Due to bots being pretty firmly knobbled? Or merely a change from 23x7 bot behaviours...?

  2. All I can say is election day can't get here soon enough. The current adminstration has let the US down and it's time for a change. God bless Sean Smith's family and give them peace.

  3. You are in for a holiday treat with REAMDE. Have a good one!