Thursday, July 22, 2021

FFXIV: You Can Dance If You Want To

In Square Enix' efforts to increase server capacity in Final Fantasy XIV, the company is performing a four-hour emergency maintenance on the European data center worlds tonight. By rearranging and optimizing servers, the player cap on each world should increase by 500 accounts.

FFXIV Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida did have a message for the players.

We have received and reviewed a great number of comments on my previous announcement. Thank you again! One particular type of feedback caught my eye, however─players saying, “I’ll stop dancing in Limsa for a while,” or “I guess we shouldn’t log in to watch our monitors while we eat...”

I myself have played many an MMO, so I know how watching other players bustle past during mealtimes physically and mentally prepares you for challenging dungeons later, and how a spontaneous dance performance can brighten everyone’s day. These are ways of roleplaying, and they are part of the fun of MMORPGs.

Therefore, I want you to know that while I deeply appreciate you being considerate, activities such as the above are part of the game too, and you don’t need to show so much restraint that you stop having fun! We have implemented the automatic logout feature, which will log you out if you do not interact with the game for an extended period, so allowing that system to do its job is enough. Please continue to enjoy FFXIV in your own way, and show our new players how alive its world is with adventurers of all sorts.

So all the people who normally hang out in Limsa Lominsa can go back to hanging out as normal.

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