Monday, July 5, 2021

Star Citizen First Half 2021 Funding, Squadron 42 Soon?

I thought I'd just write a quick post over the Independence Day holiday in the U.S. about Star Citizen. The funding page reached $376 million late last night. For the month of June, Cloud Imperium Games raised approximately $5.3 million in ship and equipment sales as well as starter packages. That increases the known amount raised to over $35 million for the year. The amount of revenue raised from other sources won't be known until the 2021 financial statement is released, probably in December 2022.

From the Star Citizen funding page

On 1 July, Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner released a video with two pieces of financial related news. Roberts revealed that the headcount for CIG is approximately 720 people. The number is up from the 604 stated at the end of 2019. This does not include the growth of the studio in Montreal run by Turbulent announced in November. 

The second is that Chris Roberts is moving his family to Manchester in order to oversee the completion of Squadron 42. The last major news about the single player game was the company removing any mention of a release date on 23 December 2020. Does the move indicate the game may at least reach a public beta test sometime in 2022? Time will tell.

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