Friday, July 9, 2021

Minmatar Liberation Day 2021 - Day 1

The first day of Minmatar Liberation Day consists of activities I used to do on Singluarity ahead of events a couple of years ago. The only sign of the event on the Singularity test shard is a early version of The Agency home page. Here's the story of my first day running celebrating victory over the dirty Amarrians.

On pace for 600 points

I started out by selecting a tribe for Wandering Rose. The screenshots yesterday were done on my main combat/exploration character Rosewalker. While Rosewalker selected Vherokior because if I go full-out on the event I want the tribal tattoo package, I selected Starkmanir for lore reasons.

The Starkmanir are the mother tribe of the Vherokior

Other tribes have better looking SKINs, but I have to go for the lore. I find following the lore helps with immersion.

My first destination was Pator. What I call the tourism activity nets 5 points. I also like what I found at the destination.

The Eternal Flame in Pator

I think I should add, all that's needed to receive the 5 points is to warp to the site. Festival launchers and fireworks are only needed to receive skill points from the parade events.

Next, I headed out to low sec to find a Liberation Games data site. The site contained three hackable containers. The big payout in the site I found consisted of Liberation Games Reward Tokens. I received 265 in the three containers. The tokens are redeemable in every Minmatar NPC station for 100,000 ISK each. I was happy with a 26.5 million ISK payout. Also, I managed to receive 27 points.

I didn't take any screenshots of the sites because I was nervous despite having the system to myself. The container exploding after I looted it didn't help. I was looking around expecting my ship to explode, but I took no explosion damage.

Finally, I tried running one of the combat sites. The particular flavor of site was the Mahti Jailbreak site. Perhaps the information most players want to know is the damage types.

Amarr Event Drone Information

The damage profile really encourages the use of the Jaguar. I decided to use a Jaguar before I knew details about the NPCs because of the hints given by CCP. For people interested in the lore:
The Jaguar was originally developed by Thukker Mix as a skirmish platform but improvements to engine efficiency in assault craft brought the competing Wolf assault frigate up to parity in speed. The Thukker considered an even faster propulsion system for the Jaguar, but ultimately chose to sell the design to Core Complexion Inc. Eager to make an impression in this market, Core Complexion have revised the Jaguar's role, replacing its hardpoints and shifting focus from speed to shields.
For a ship designed as a skirmish platform, the Jaguar can take a lot of damage. I'm also glad I fit a tank and weapons that do not use capacitor, because when I landed in the first dungeon I was scrammed and neuted out so fast my head spun. But my tank held and I finished up the first of the three rooms.

The second room exposed the lack of DPS of my fit. I took way too long to burn down the tech 2 NPC cruisers. For fitting purposes, I was using tech 1 meta rocket launchers with Caldari Navy Nova Rockets. I did go finish the room, but I had to warp out once due to the level of damage I received. Thankfully the NPCs in the room only had webs and not scrams.

In the first two rooms nothing dropped. The final room has some tough NPCs which forced me to warp out again. But after finishing off the existing NPCs, the final boss NPC of the site warped in.

The boss is a little tougher

Through the first two rooms, I'd earned 30 event points. Killing the final boss would earn another 30. Plus, nothing had dropped in the NPCs yet. All the loot was in this ship. So I tried to take the ship on, especially since the event Prophecy did not scram. I tried to orbit under the guns, but I still took damage. Worse, when I tried to align out, I became stuck on the geography of one of the structures and couldn't warp off. My ship proceeded to explode a minute later.

Unlike some prior events, I'm not going to abandon doing the combat sights. Due to the ship restructions, the risk vs. reward balance still makes attempting the sites make sense. My revised fitting cost less than 50 million ISK, an amount I can make up by running two data sites. 

Yes, revised fitting. If the fitting works, I'll share in a future post. Let's just say I'm participating in the event for the event prices, not ISK. As long as my wallet isn't smaller than I started and I get 600 points on at least one character, I'll consider the event a personal success.

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