Friday, July 2, 2021

The Bastion Module Is Getting Nerfed

While I have the skills to fly Marauders, I've never owned one. I hear they are great ships for mission running and other PvE activities. In EVE Online's scarcity era, all ISK faucets must be nerfed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the nerf bat has found the bastion module. 

The bastion mechanic is similar to the siege mechanic for dreadnaughts in that the ship receives offensive bonuses in exchange for losing the ability to receive remote repairs. CCP Paradox announced today changes to the bastion module.

We have another update to this patch on Singularity right now:

We’re adjusting the attributes on the Bastion Module slightly with the following changes:

  • Reducing target painter resistance to 50%
  • Reducing weapon disruption resistance to 50%
  • Reducing target dampener resistance to 50%
  • Reducing sensor strength bonus to 200%
  • Removal of ECM resistance

The pacifier also has a small adjustment in addition to the previous changes from above:

  • Pacifier CPU output increased to 240 (from 200)

The changes from the current values are:

  • Target painter resistance:  reduced from 95% down to 50%
  • Weapon disruption resistance: reduced from 95% down to 50%
  • Target dampener resistance: reduced from 95% down to 50%
  • Sensor strength bonus? reduced from 1000% percent down to 200%

One of the reasons I don't like missions involving the Caldari State is the NPCs use ECM. I find getting jammed out such a pain. Thankfully, they tend to concentrate on one ship at a time, so I make sure to dual-box any mission involving those pesky NPCs. I imagine the same holds true for the Guristas. Thankfully, I don't hang out in Caldari space or the galactic North where the Guristas live.

When I combine the changes to the bastion module with the Black Ops battleship changes in Enter The Portal, it feels like a rebalance of T2 battleships designed to see more die. I'm just not sure how many players will use. After all, the number one rule in EVE is, "Don't fly what you can't afford to lose." 

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