Friday, July 16, 2021

The Hunt For Encyclopaedia Eorzia 2

When I really enjoy MMORPGs I tend to buy books related to the game. I still have the World of Warcraft Offical Strategy Guide and a hardcover edition of World of Warcraft Atlas from my time in Vanilla WoW. I also have The Official Everquest II Atlas, which included the Kingdom of Sky maps from my three years playing EQ2. The number of EVE Online books I've picked up in my 12 years playing the game probably deserves its own post. Now, after playing Final Fantasy XIV for two years, I own my first book about Eorzia.

Square Enix, I want to give you money

I learned recently that FFXIV had two lore books, Encyclopaedia Eorzia and Encyclopaedia Eorzia II. I went over to the Square Enix store and found the books were out of stock. I then went to Amazon and found an English version of Encyclopaedia Eorzia for $230. Um ... no.

I was able to find a .pdf version of Encyclopaedia Eorzia, which covers A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. But the book covering Stormblood was not available in downloadable format. I did run into a couple of dodgy sites, but I wasn't about to visit them once I received a dodgy website warning.

I broke down and searched eBay for the English language version. I found a couple of eBay stores selling copies and picked out one that was selling the book for double the originally listed price once I included shipping. The seller stated that delivery could take 4-6 weeks. I figured I could wait that long since I did have access to the first volume. I ordered the book on Monday.

In my hands

I received the book today. The book arrived in the original shrink wrap and the item code was untouched. Flipping though the book the type is a little small so I'll have to wear my glasses when reading. But otherwise I'm pretty happy so far. And, wonders of wonders, redeeming the code for my item was easy.

Matoya's Hat

Like EVE books, enjoying Final Fantasy XIV doesn't require reading the books. But I wanted the books as a reference to go a little deeper into the stories of Eorzia. Now, if Square Enix will make finding the books just a little easier.

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