Thursday, July 15, 2021

Minmatar Liberation Day 2021 - The Shelf Life Of Boosters Has Been Extended

I noticed a change to some of the rewards for the Minmatar Liberation Day event. The expiration period for the Liberation Games boosters was extended from 10 August to 14 September.

Is the change significant? I was struck by the fact that the Liberation Games boosters won't expire before the Amarr event. In the announcement of the Foundation Quadrant, CCP stated celebration events for all four NPC empires. The date Amarr Foundation Day was celebrated last year was 10 August, so I assume that is when the event should start this year. 

Up until now, I assumed the third quadrant of 2021 should begin in  August. The first quadrant, Reign, began in February. Foundation, the current quadrant, began in May. Does the pushing back of the booster expiration date signal a delay of the next quadrant as well?

A more innocent explanation is that CCP is trying to placate players by doing little things like making the boosters last longer. A perfectly reasonable hypothesis. But until we find out CCP's plans for the next quadrant, enjoy the boosters.

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