Thursday, July 8, 2021

Minmatar Liberation Day - 2021

Today begins Minmatar Liberation Day in EVE Online.  The event runs from today until downtime on 20 July in the Minmatar Republic (Heimatar, Metropolis, and Molden Heath) and Great Wildlands. Between the news article and patch notes, CCP provided a lot of information. I thought I'd post what I know about the event before hitting the undock button.

First are the standard login rewards for an event. Players only need to log in 7 out of the 12 days of the event to earn all the gifts. Omega players earn both the Alpha and Omega rewards listed below.

Day 1
Alpha - Minmatar Liberation Day Crate
Omega - Rifter Liberation Games SKIN

Day 2
Alpha - Minmatar Liberation Day Expert System
Omega - Minmatar Liberation Day Apparel Crate

Day 3
Alpha - Minmatar Shuttle Liberation Games SKIN
Omega - 10,000 Skill Points

Day 4
Alpha - Probe Liberation Games SKIN
Omega - Claw Liberation Games SKIN

Day 5
Alpha - Talwar Liberation Games SKIN
Omega - Scythe Liberation Games SKIN

Day 6
Alpha - Cyclone Liberation Games SKIN
Omega - Tempest Liberation Games SKIN

Day 7
Alpha - 10,000 Skill Points
Omega - 25,000 Skill Points

In order to participate in the event, players need to select one of the 7 Minmatar tribes. One way is to click on the Encounters button on The Agency. The other was to click on the button that appears under Minmatar Liberation games.

Picking the tribe actually matters

Now, the next step is important, even for players who don't follow the lore. Maybe even especially for players who don't follow the lore. Selecting the tribe will lock the character into receiving certain rewards for doing the content. For those looking to make money, some market research is warranted as I think CCP is reusing some SKINs. Also, some tribes just have better looking SKINs than others. I selected Vherokior as a tribe on my first character and these were the rewards for different point levels.

  • 60 points - Reaper Vherokior SKIN
  • 120 points - Breacher Vherokior SKIN
  • 180 points - Republic Fleet Firetail Vherokior SKIN
  • 240 points - Rupture Vherokior SKIN
  • 330 points - Stabber Fleet Issue Vherokior SKIN
  • 420 points - Hurricane Fleet Issue Vherokior SKIN
  • 510 points - Tempest Fleet Issue Vherokior SKIN

I have two Vherokior characters, but the Thukker tribe SKINs just look so much better. The other rewards are:

  • 30 points - Minmatar Liberation Day Fireworks Crate
  • 90 points - Liberation Games Accuracy Booster I
  • 150 points - Liberation Games Range Booster I
  • 210 points - Liberation Games EWar Booster I
  • 270 points - Liberation Games Damage Booster I
  • 300 points - Liberation Games Accuracy Booster II
  • 360 points - Liberation Games Range Booster II
  • 390 points - Liberation Games EWar Booster II
  • 450 points - Liberation Games Damage Booster II
  • 480 points - Liberation Games Range Booster III
  • 540 points - Liberation Games EWar Booster III
  • 570 points - Liberation Games Damage Booster III
  • 600 points - Republic Service Tattoo (Vherokior Tribe) Package

Six hundred points is a lot of points to earn in 12 days, especially if one wants to get the rewards on more than one character. Thankfully CCP provided four ways to earn points.

Touring The Republic - Players can earn points by travelling to landmarks throughout the Republic. CCP has added two new monuments players might find interesting. The first is a statue of the leaders of the Defiants, Karishal Muritor in the Auga system. The other is of the late Prime Minister, Karin Midular in the Pator system. Just a warning that Auga is in low sec and adjacent to the infamous system of Amamake.

According to the patch notes:

New Minmatar landmark sites can be found within the Pator, Hagilur, Odatrik, and Auga systems. The new landmark sites in Pator and Auga are partially under construction and will feature the addition of new monument statues later in the event.

To make sightseeing easier, the warp speed of all ships will increase by 2 AU/sec in all Minmatar space. 

Three of the four event types that earn points

Simulating History - CCP is including combat sites, but with a twist. According to the patch notes:

New Liberation Games historical reenactment combat sites are appearing within Minmatar Republic highsec and non-FW lowsec space, as well as within the Great Wildlands.

  • These sites use advanced drones to recreate two important battles of the Great Rebellion, the Escape from Auner of BYC19 and the Mahti Jailbreak of BYC18
  • Loot from these sites includes tokens that can be sold to Minmatar NPC stations for ISK, new and returning SKINs, limited time Minmatar combat boosters, Leopard BPCs, and limited time Cerebral Accelerators.
  • These combat sites only allow entry for empire T1 and Navy Faction Cruisers, T1 destroyers, T2 frigates, and empire T1 and Navy Faction frigates. These new combat sites are especially well suited to be completed in Minmatar cruisers and Assault Frigates.

I never thought I'd get excited about a shuttle blueprint copy, but the Leopard's warp speed is 20 AU/second. The Minmatar shuttle was first given away as part of the Yule Lads event in 2013. The only other time the shuttle was available was during the Dawn of Liberation limited time event in 2018.

Data sites - Special Liberation Day data sites will appear in Minmatar Republic high sec, non-factional warfare low sec, and Great Wildlands. The data sites had the least written about them, but is some of my favorite content in live events.

Mining - The Republic Mining Expedition sites are back and will spawn in four constellations:

  • Ani in Metropolis (adjacent to Hek)
  • Odengsolf in Heimatar (adjacent to Rens)
  • Almur in Molden Heath (three jumps from Teonusude)
  • 730-KH in Great Wildlands (contains the only 3 NPC stations in the region)

CCP added new items to the Republic Fleet Ordinance loyalty point store. They are new Fleet Ordnance Spike SKINs for the Vigil, Talwar, and Cyclone.

In addition to the rewards from running events, players can earn skill points by attending the parade events in the systems of Pator, Rens, Hek, Eram, Teonusude, Altrinur, and Hjoramold. Make sure to fit the festival launcher and fireworks obtained as part of the first day's login rewards.

CCP is also breaking out a new Abyssal PvP proving ground for the iconic Minmatar frigate.

Heat up the Abyssal Proving Grounds from 16 to 20 July with the four-player free-for-all Rifter Glorification Proving Ground. This event will feature the Minmatar Rifter-class frigate only and is limited to meta level 5 modules and implants.

There will also be a 100% bonus to the benefits of overheating in this Proving Ground so you can push your rusty frigates to their limits in true Minmatar fashion. This is the perfect opportunity to get use out of the free Minmatar Expert System handed out on day 2 of the Liberation Day celebrations.

Outside the game, CCP will hold a Minmatar trivia quiz on its Twitch channel at 15:30 EVE Time on Saturday July 10th.

For those who can't get enough of the celebrations, Electus Matari and Ushra'Khan are holding their own celebrations in Pator starting at 17:30 EVE Time on Saturday. The events include an industrial ship race and a battle royale involving Slashers.

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