Thursday, November 30, 2023

A Quick Gripe About The Corporation Projects UI

Over the weekend I did a little mining in EVE Online. I want to build a Porpoise, a ship designed to support mining operations.

When new lower-mass wormhole connections began appearing across Anoikis in late YC116, ORE tasked the engineers at its advanced Outer Ring Development labs with creating a mining foreman vessel capable of passing through these gateways and exploiting the unspoiled riches available within. Creating such a compact ship while preserving much of the utility of the larger Orca and Rorqual designs proved a significant challenge, but the end result was a ship that had great potential for capsuleer mining operations in all areas of space.

The Porpoise can use a medium industrial core to substantially increase its industrial capabilities, while empowering its defenses during deployment in a static configuration. A key element of the industrial capacity unlocked by activating an industrial core is the ability to use compressor modules, with the Porpoise also having this capability, although limited to using medium gas and asteroid ore compressors.

The Porpoise is a smaller, more mobile and more affordable mining foreman platform that is perfect for supporting mining operations in dangerous space. It is capable of providing support to its allies through mining foreman bursts, remote shield boosters and survey scanners. The Porpoise also enjoys strong bonuses to mining drones, allowing it to pull in its own share of the ore in any mining operation.

The ship isn't really that expensive. I just want to build the ship to say I built one. Because I don't play very consistently, I used the corporation projects feature released in the Viridian expansion to help keep track of my progress. I refined my ore and wound up having enough tritanium and pyerite to complete my orders for those minerals.

Working to complete a corporation order

I couldn't deposit the minerals because I had too many and needed to deposit the exact amount to complete the order. No problem, right? Just split the stack and copy the number remaining into the split stack window. Only one problem. I couldn't copy the number from the order into the clipboard. I wound up opening up Notepad, typing the number into the app, and then did a copy and paste into the split stack window to create the new stack. After doing so I was able to complete the order.

I know, high sec problems, right? The pie-in-the-sky solution is for the developers to just automatically determine the maximum amount needed to complete the order and autofill the information where needed. I'm not sure how much work that would take so I won't ask for that. But if anyone from CCP reads this, could someone please make a straight copy from the "Remaining amount" field possible? 

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