Tuesday, November 14, 2023

EVE: Havoc Starts With Over 30,000 PCU

Over the last two days I published 12 blog posts about the patch notes for EVE Online's Havoc expansion which launched today. I know, kind of crazy. But not as crazy as Tranquility posting peak concurrent user numbers over 30 thousand five days in a row. Yes, that really happened in the year 2023.

For those keeping score, PCU since Friday was:

  • Friday, 10 November - 30,109
  • Saturday, 11 November - 32,897
  • Sunday, 12 November - 33,841
  • Monday, 13 November - 31,388
  • Tuesday, 14 November - 32,684

The first four days cover the Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day holiday weekend. Some countries celebrated on Friday and some on Monday. But over 30,000 on a Tuesday? A promising sign.

I'll stay with my prediction that Sunday's PCU will exceed 2022's PCU for the entire year of 35,240. Can Havoc entice a day with a PCU over 40,000? I'm not sure Tranquility will see that number this weekend. At this point, I'd settle for the daily PCU exceeding 30,000 becoming an ordinary event not worth mentioning again.

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