Monday, November 27, 2023

Tis The Season For EVE Online Sales

I'm one of those people who looks at the offerings in CCP Games' EVE Online store and usually says, "Thanks, but no thanks." Buying PLEX has no attraction as I have 2717 PLEX I obtained years ago. I just keep the PLEX around because at today's prices, my PLEX is worth around 13 billion ISK after taxes. Buying skill points never interested me and now my main characters have 298 million and 276 million skill points respectively. As for multiple character training, I have my alts trained up well enough for planetary interaction and hauling. They can even do a fair bit of mining and mineral reprocessing. 

The EVE Store on Cyber Monday 2023

In Final Fantasy XIV I am a bit of a fashionista. I spent way too much on eastern-style glamour pieces (think transmog if you play World of Warcraft) when I started out and try to limit myself to purchases under $7. But in EVE, the SKINs system never tempted me. If CCP hadn't made non-store bought SKINs automatically apply to a character when redeemed, I probably still would not have a single SKIN on any of my characters. I mean, one way to get through the sense of loss in EVE is to treat ships like ammunition. Who decorates their ammunition?

Okay, so some people do decorate ammunition in the real world

But, I did find something worth handing over my real world dollars for. The store had 12 months of Omega time marked 20% off. With my two accounts due to expire in February and August next year, I figured I wouldn't see a lower price. So yesterday I spent $239.84 on two years of gametime (one year for each account). The total comes out to just under $20/month for both accounts, or a shade under $10/month. Each character also now has Alligator, Khizriel, Mamba, and Mekubal Arkombine Arisen SKINs, but like I am going to own one of the new pirate ships that came out with the Havoc expansion.

Now, I do have to admit CCP came up with a way to make SKINs sound somewhat appealing. The PLEX sales now on through 4 December at 2359 UTC include SKINs designed by T'Amber. Here is the Cyber Monday sale offer:
  • 1,000 PLEX + Gila Empyrean Outlaws SKIN - 20% discount

  • 1,500 PLEX + Cynabal & Gila Empyrean Outlaws SKINs - 20% discount

  • 3,000 PLEX + Gila, Cynabal, Alligator Empyrean Outlaws SKINs - 23% discount

  • 6,000 PLEX + Alligator, Gila, Cynabal, Khizriel Empyrean Outlaws SKINs - 23% discount

  • 12,000 PLEX + Alligator, Gila, Cynabal, Rattlesnake Empyrean Outlaws SKINs - 23% discount

  • 20,000 PLEX + Alligator, Khizriel, Gila, Cynabal, Rattlesnake, Azariel Empyrean Outlaws SKINs - 25% discount
I would like to know who came up with that time to end the sale. Back in my day, sales always ended at the daily downtime, and we liked it!

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