Monday, November 20, 2023

EVE Online's Busiest Weekend In Years

Over the weekend, I expected EVE Online's Tranquility shard to experience its busiest weekend in a very long time. I expected Sunday might see the highest daily number of peak concurrent users (PCU) for 2023. Honestly, I expected a good day would see a PCU of 39,000 or so. 

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Saturday started off well with a PCU of 36,299. Not only did the figure set the highest number of players logged onto Tranquility in 2023 so far, the number exceeded the PCU for all of 2022 as well. Looking back, I couldn't find a higher PCU until February 2021 when some daily numbers exceeded 37,000. But the peak number of players each week always occurs on Sunday's around 1900 UTC.

On Sunday, the perfect storm was set up to post an epic number not seen in years. Between the new pirate insurgencies, CCP's now customary giving away of 7 days of Omega time with the expansion, and increased activity in null sec, at 1909 Sunday Tranquility had 39,294 accounts logged into the game. And then something happened. Between 1909 and 1914 871 net players logged onto the servers.

I blame Goons. Apparently The Imperium was conducting a move op and I'm guessing they chose the busiest time of the day. The timing makes sense as 1900 UTC is a very convenient time for both European and North American players. But shortly afterwards bad things happened and CCP performed an unscheduled reboot of Tranquility.

Still, the PCU managed to reach 40,165 which surpassed the PCU for 2021. Sunday's total was the highest PCU since the 40,359 recorded on 18 October 2020. Also, given the time of day, I doubt the traffic would have exceeded the 2020 PCU of 41,562 seen on 10 May 2020. But perhaps next Sunday. I hear CCP is offering a really good deal on Omega time on Black Friday.

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