Saturday, November 18, 2023

How To Find A Pirate Insurgency

The Havoc expansion for EVE Online launched Tuesday with a new game system based in low security space: pirate insurgencies. Some players want to take part, or at least feed off the low sec leftovers from fights between the Angel Cartel or Guristas loyalists and faction militias. Others just want to avoid the fighting and carebear in peace. In either case, locating the pirate insurgency is a priority for many players.

As one might expect in modern EVE, the place to start is The Agency. Click on the Encounters button (second from top on the left side of the screen) to get to the next window.

The Agency Home Screen

Next, click on the third button (labeled "03") to get to the good stuff.

The third encounter type listed

For returning players, what follows is not a joke. CCP put documentation inside the game on how pirate insurgencies work.

The Pirate Insurgencies Home Page

For players wanting to become formally involved in the conflict, the "Open Enlistment Window" can help aid the recruitment process. For those already enlisted in a pirate or faction militia, the next button brings up a map of the Guristas and Angel Cartel insurgency systems.

The first Angel Cartel insurgency

At the bottom of the map is a toggle to go between the Angel Cartel and Guristas insurgencies. For those wondering it getting rid of the left panel is possible, I couldn't find a way. The right panel shows the information for the system clicked on in the map. In addition to the name and how many jumps, the panel displayes the corruption and suppression levels of each system as well as the location of the pirate forward operating base (FOB).  And then the progress for each side. The dot highlights the number of victory points each side has earned.

Also, clicking on each system shows the corruption and suppression standings as well.

The two buttons on the Insurgencies screen correspond to the buttons on the many Pirate Insurgency page. The "Learn more" button corresponds to the Pirate Insurgency Guide.

The Pirates Insurgency Guide

While not providing instructions on how to complete the content, the information is about what players find on the EVE University Wikipedia.

Finally, the last button on the Insurgencies screen, "find objectives", corresponds to the Insurgency Systems page. 

The list of systems will grow if the pirates are active enough.

For those wondering which and how many sites are in each system, this is the screen to look for. The developers intended for players to use the window to set a destination to the war zone. I have the feeling some players might put the system or constellation on the avoid list.

This post is probably the last of my initial Havoc coverage. Most of the rest of the new expansion content is pretty much based on existing systems. But the Pirate Insurgency system is something new so I figured some folks might like a hand. Hopefully people enjoy the guide.

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