Friday, March 11, 2011

Another RMT Scandal In Eve - Fanfest Should Be Fun This Year

Eve News 24 is known for its anti-RMT (real money transfer) stance and scored another coup when it obtained access to a copy of's transactions data base going back to April 2010.  The latest Eve News 24 RMT expose has gained coverage in such mainstream MMO websites as Massively, Slashdot, MMORPG and Ten Ton Hammer.  CCP is going to announce their latest actions and plans in the fight against RMT at Fanfest in a couple of weeks.

To make things even more interesting, CCP announced yesterday that EVE TV will be covering Fanfest again on March 25-26, with an estimated 18 hours of coverage.  I'll be working on that Friday so I really hope the information is televised in an event on Saturday.  CCP is usually pretty good about posting these types of things on its YouTube! channel, but I would really like to see the event live.  Heck, I may even hook the laptop up to my big screen TV to watch.  Then again, CCP Soundwave on a 61" screen?  Maybe not a good idea.

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