Thursday, March 31, 2011

Operation Smile: Clear Skies 3 Trailer

Following Fanfest I sense a lot of angst among the players of Eve Online.  Null sec players are upset about the changes to high end anomolies and the loss of income that entails.  High sec carebears are worried about what the changes to missions agents mean.  Will the changes mean a virtual nerf of level 4 high sec missions driving everyone to low sec?  What about mission hubs?

And me?  I'm just tired.  Getting home from work at 2am and then turning around leaving for work at 7:30am will do that to a guy.  That's barely enough time to write a blog post.

But a solution exists to solve all of these problems.  Minmatar battleships.  Well, Minmatar battleships if they are named Clear Skies.  Yes, just as things are looking down, we get a full length trailer to tide us over until Clear Skies 3 comes out in May.  And the way things are looking, we'll need a dose of Captain John Rourke and the gang.  But this should help get us through the next few weeks.  Enjoy!

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