Tuesday, March 29, 2011

They Told My If I Voted For Mike Azariah for CSM6 That ...

... the null sec alliances would not get their fair share of representation.  And they were right!

Let's just take a quick look at where the delegates who won election to CSM6 come from and the number of systems their alliances hold sov over (as of 28 March):

The Mittani - Goonswarm Federation - 67 systems
Seleene - Cascade Iminent - 12 systems
UAxDEATH - Legion of xXDEATHXx - 125 systems
Trebor Daehdoow - Initiative Mercenaries - 0 systems (held sov until end of February)
Killer2 - Morsus Mihi - 64 systems
White Tree - Test Alliance Please Ignore - 69 systems
Vile Rat - Goonswarm Federation - 67 systems
Meissa Anunthiel - Rooks and Kings (corporation) - 0 systems
Draco Llasa -RAZOR Alliance - 54 systems

So 7 of the 9 delegates are from alliances that hold sov in null sec, with an eighth whose alliance was kicked out of null sec about a month ago.  The last delegate, Meissa Anunthiel, is from the famous wormhole corporation alliance Rooks and Kings.

I like the fact that someone from a wormhole corp alliance made it to the CSM, but all the others come to the CSM with the perspective of null sec alliances.  But that's okay because the vast majority of players are in null sec, right?  Not really.  According to the Q3 2010 Quarterly Economic Newsletter (p.13), only 11% of all Eve players live in null sec.  Eleven percent get 78% of the seats?  And that's not including the representative from an alliance that would like to get back into null sec.

I'll let you decide if the null sec alliances are represented fairly or not.  I'm just worried that the total domination of the CSM by the null sec alliances will allow CCP to disregard the CSM as not being adequately representative of the Eve player base.


  1. Maybe if the vast majority of players in high sec bothered to vote then the representation would be more equal.

    As for CCP disregarding a null sec dominated CSM, I counter-offer that null sec is the tail that wags the dog and that an organized and feverent panel of expert players like the null sec CSM might hold more influence in CCP.

    Time will tell.

  2. Nice article. Quick correction though: Rooks and Kings are an alliance, not a Corp.

  3. Fixed. I actually looked it up and still got it wrong.

  4. Hello Nosy Gamer, just a slight correction.
    Rooks and Kings is not a wormhole alliance. We have a very competent Wormhole corporation in the alliance called Guillotine Therapy, but the bulk of our members live in lowsec.