Monday, March 14, 2011

Vile Rat Is Not A Wise Man

In Eve Online, the elections for the 6th Council of Stellar Management are currently under way.  Three candidates, Goonswarm Federation chief The Mittani, White Tree from Test Alliance Please Ignore, and Goodwaffe diplomat Vile Rat are running as "The Three Wise Men".  Well, with everything Mittens has done in the game, he deserves the title.  And after using the CSM issues site and finding out how much I agree with White Tree, I will grant him the title "wise".  But Vile Rat?

I have a major issue with one of the answers Vile Rat gave concerning passive income generation.  Here is the statement and his answer.

Statement:  "All forms of personal passive income (such as RnD agents) should be removed."

Vile Rat:  "No effort income generation is an isk faucet.  The original BPO lottery was a dumb idea and the current iteration is also a pointless flow of money into a game suffering from a lack of income scarcity as it is."

While I can agree with the original BPO lottery being a dumb idea, the rest of the statement shows a pretty disgraceful ignorance of how the Eve economy works.  Disgraceful, at least, if you are running for CSM.  First off, research agents produce datacores, not isk, so don't bring new cash into the game like missioning does.  Players get their money from other players, not NPCs.  Isk faucets involve payments from NPCs, like mission rewards or the bounties a player gets from ratting.

Second, creating tech 2 blueprint copies involves paying money to NPCs (at least in public facilities) not receiving money from them.  Trust me, I'm learning all about that now.  Paying money to NPCs is actually an isk sink.  Big difference.

I agree with The Mittani's answer to this question, "Passive income is key for people who have jobs or want to PvP."  But if Mittens came up with the campaign slogan "The Three Wise Men", he came up one man short.

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