Thursday, March 10, 2011

T2 Production: Remember To Make Notes

One of the things I discovered last night is that I need to take better notes about what I am doing in my T2 production.  Fortunately I discovered my mistake when creating T2 blueprint copies of drones instead of ships.

According to the formula in the Evelopedia article on invention, the most production runs I can expect from a T2 BPC of a drone like a Warrior II is 10 if I do not use an encrypter to enhance my invention run.  Also, if I understand the math correctly, the BPC produced will have 1/10th the number of runs that were on the input blueprint copy.  So in order to produce a Warrior II BPC with 10 runs, the input Warrior I BPC needs to have 100 runs on it.

I think I proved that in reality.  The first time I made Warrior II blueprints, I used Warrior I blueprint copies that had 100 runs on them and my output blueprint copies had 10 runs.  Last night, I used Warrior I blueprint copies that only contained 10 runs, and as expected according to the math, I produced Warrior II blueprints with only 1 run on them.  Ouch!

Needless to say, I am now writing down everything I am doing concerning T2 production, because mistakes are expensive.  I am also going to take the rest of those 10-run Warrior I blueprints and use them to manufacture drones.  I might as well get some use out of them since I can't use them to make T2 blueprints.

But all is not doom and gloom in my tech 2 ship building program.  So far this week I have produced 1 Mastodon blueprint copy and 3 Prowler blueprint copies.  Combined with the 2 Cheetah blueprint copies I already invented, I'm pretty happy with the way my plans are progressing.  But before advancing any farther, I am going to wait until the weekend when I have time to do a bit more research to make sure I didn't miss any important facts about the process.  After all, building internet spaceships is serious business!

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