Thursday, March 24, 2011

The School of Hard Knocks

My industrial pilot Wandering Rose has somehow managed to get a combat role when I run missions.  Originally she just flew alongside Rosewalker salvaging while he ran through missions.  Salvaging while missioning has a tendency of discouraging ninja salvagers.  And because she had good defense and fitting skills because I wanted her to fly transport ships well, she could tank a surprising amount of incoming fire. 

By the time I started running level 4 missions, Wandering Rose was flying a salvage-fitted Hurricane.  While I was learning how to run the missions, I wound up fitting a couple of 650mm artillery pieces in place of a salvager and a tractor beam to help out against the smaller ships harassing Rosewalker's Maelstrom.  Eventually I decided to let Wandering Rose fly a fully combat-fit ship with 6 450mm autocannons and 2 assault missile launchers.  That worked really well.  So well I decided to have her train up to use tech 2 guns.  The only problem is that with her spotty education she had problems learning the advanced autocannon skills necessary to really dish out some pain.  So she has to go back to smaller ships in order to learn the basics required to use the larger weapons installed on battlecruisers.

Or, in other words, I screwed up her skills queue and I can't fit tech 2 guns this weekend.  Instead Wandering Rose will finish up Small Projectile Turret V and then learn Small Autocannon Specialization up to IV.  Next weekend will be fun.

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