Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Epic Forum Posts

Official forums often have a bad reputation as places sane players should fear to go.  But since my sanity is in question (I am a hauler pilot, after all) I visit the official forums anyway.  Last night I found two threads worth noting.

The first thread comes from the RIFT forums.  After you read this thread, you'll almost never have to read another thread in any game again.  This was the opening post:
Rambling description of my MMO gaming experience that dates back to Meridian59 all through every MMO ever developed. Intent is to establish myself as an "expert" in MMO design and management giving the following outlandish statements I'm about to make credibility.

Positive sandwich talking about the things that the game does well, then placing a game breaking negative that must be changed or the game fails, followed by a reiteration of the previous positive comments. Insert vague references to supposed facts supported by fabricated statistics.

Conclude post with a dire warnings of inevitable doom should said changes not be made, up to and including cancelation of accounts from the entire European Union. Include link for details to sign online petition.


Forum Troll 

On page 15 a fourth Trion employee, a developer, jumps into the fun...

Standard reply talking about the various ways to alleviate 'game breaking negative'. Include list of well liked features not related to original complaint.

Reveal that we also share some of the same opinion but must think of the well being of the players as a whole. Tell of own personal experiences within the game to provide a personal connection to both the player and other readers.

Conclude post with exclamation that company is very passionate about important issues. Thank Forum Troll for being as passionate about game as we are.


Random Developer

Definitely an epic post and a must read since almost all of the posters joined into the spirit of the thread.  But not totally all-inclusive.  Over in the Eve Online forums something funny happened.  Someone made the 47,378th post in the Crime & Punishment forums asking the denizens there why they play the way they do.  (For those who don't know, C&P is known as the home of pirates, mercs, and griefers.)  The thread turned into a tribute to Queen, twisting into a parody song at the end.  For those that just want to see the final composed lyrics, Ignition SemperFi compiled all the contributions into one post.  If I could sing, I'd sing the song myself.

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