Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Making My Mastodon - Ship Components & Material Effic

Now that I have a Mastodon blueprint copy, I decided to make all the parts necessary to make a Mastodon.  However, I can't gather all the raw materials myself because many of them come from moons, so I'm going to try to purchase them on the market.  So what is on my shopping list?  Here are the components I plan to build.

Deflection Shield Emitter (375)
Electrolytic Capacitor (300)
Fernite Carbide Composite Armor (5250)
Ladar Sensor Cluster (135)
Nanomechanical Microprocessor (1800)
Nuclear Reactor Unit (45)
Plasma Thruster (75)

Making all of these items is not cheap.  First, the blueprints cost 4.5 million isk each.  Each item requires a separate advanced science skill and the skill books cost 10 million isk each.  I had some of the skills already because of the work I do with research agents, but for those just starting out the price is rather ... pricey.

Of course, purchasing the advanced moon materials required to build the items is also going to be pricey.  I compiled the list I need to make a Mastodon.

Fermionic Condensates (45)
Fernite Carbide (274,800)
Ferrogel (495)
Fullerides (5,100)
Hypersynaptic Fibers (270)
Nanotransistors (11,235)
Phenolic Composites (2,025)
Sylramic Fibers (3,375)

Now, I didn't use a decryptor when inventing my blueprint copy, so this is the list is for a BPC with a material level of -4.  A 50% wastage factor isn't pretty, is it?  Looking back, I really should have used a Calibration Data (+3 ME Modifier) or Advanced Theories (+1 Max Run Modifier, +2 ME Modifier) decryptor.  So last night I took a quick trip to low-sec and found a station where I only had to wait 3 days for a copy slot and started making more Mammoth blueprint copies.  Now since I plan on using an Advanced Theories decryptor, I followed the advice on the Evelopedia and am making them max run copies.  Sure, I have to wait 3 weeks for the run to finish, but that will give me time to actually buy all of the moon materials using buy orders instead of just picking up sell items.

I have the feeling that even if I only succeed once that I'll save money just on the moon material costs.  As it is, I think actually purchasing a ship off the market is actually cheaper.  But then again, I'm building the ship for fun, not to make money.

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