Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Slacking In RIFT

As I listen to podcasts and read blogs, I can't help but feel I'm a slacker where RIFT is concerned.  Three weeks after the RIFT head start began my highest character is still a level 17 rogue.  True, I have a level 14 cleric and a level 11 warrior, but I just haven't felt the urge to really get on the leveling bandwagon.  Every time I hop into the game with the intention to level, I get distracted by a rift or, like last night, a boss shows up that I just have to run after and kill.

I think I really just need to concentrate on one aspect of the game because I don't have time to do everything.  The whole special currency for crafters looks really interesting and I should document that just to see how that works.  And then I still need to chase after rifts in order to unlock additional souls.  Both my rogue and cleric have 4 souls now and the game feels like I need to get the rest of the souls available before leaving Silverwood. 

Hmm ... see what I mean?  That's two things.  So maybe I concentrate on those and don't worry about leveling, even though the players who are leveling "slowly" are way ahead of me.  On the plus side, I definitely won't be one of those players complaining about the lack of content in a couple of months.  If I hit level 30 on any of my characters by Memorial Day, I'll be greatly surprised.

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