Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Late Night Rift Patch - February 28

The RIFT official launch is today and last night the dev team launched one last patch.  I'm not sure exactly how I like this policy of patching the game at any time.  Maybe the practice will end once the official launch hits.  But for now, here are the notes I found on my launcher.

* Ancient Wardstone area quests now automatically shut down one hour after completion or failure. You will need to use your Ascended Power to reactivate the wardstone.
* Fixed a bug with last login time not saving correctly for guild members. The existing display will be updated the next time a guild member logs in.

* Forces of the Plane of Death: Changed to require sealing of any Death Rift in Freemarch for updates.
* The Means of the Endless: Drop rate of the Attunement Shard increased to 100% from the Endless Nightbringer.
* Follow That Gnar: The Gnar should be easier to follow, and not disappear from the path.


* A Hymn of Frost and Flame: Enkarus Scourge mobs spawned during this quest no longer give experience or loot.

* Past is Prologue: Quest can now be completed normally by all Guardian players.

* There is now a shorter AFK timer for Warfronts, and players exceeding it will be immediately kicked out.
* The Black Garden: Holding the Fang while on the 'ledge' of your respective faction starting area will award fewer points.
* The Codex: Players should no longer be able to get into the Vault through clever jumping.

* Reporting spam will now also automatically ignore the the sender.

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