Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mike Azariah For CSM 6

The voting for Eve Online's Council of Stellar Management (sixth edition) ends on March 23rd.  While doing my due diligence before voting, I visited the CSM Vote Match website that allows people to match their views with the views of all the candidates on 40 outstanding issues in Eve Online today.  That visit confirmed something that I already pretty much wanted to do anyway.  So today The Nosy Gamer officially endorses Mike Azariah for CSM6.

Mike's answers lined up better with my views than any other candidate's.  While most other candidates apparently are chasing after the null and low-sec vote, Mike's views tend towards those who enjoy the high-sec lifestyle but aren't afraid (or at least are willing) to dip into low-sec every now and then.  At least that's where I place myself in the game.

But as many of the candidates have pointed out during the campaign, the members of the CSM are not game designers and really serve more as a sounding board for CCP than anything else.  While The Mittani attempts to form a power bloc of null sec representatives on the CSM, I think someone with a different perspective is needed.

Mike's perspective, as everyone who has read his blog knows, is different.  He has a role-players perspective on the game and yet is able to link the RP to the reality of how the game works for non-role players.  And he backs up the words on his blog with action.  With the coming of Incursions he formed the Gallente Hero channel as a way to combat the Sansha menace outside the traditional corporation/alliance structure.  Of course the logic was heavily influenced by role-play. 

But that is the kind of immersion that candidates like The Mittani say Eve needs more of.  But while some candidates are QQ'ing, Mike is going out now and grasping the opportunities that exist now.  And while I respect The Mittani not only for what he has accomplished in the game but for the thinking he has displayed in his Ten Ton Hammer columns, I don't think he goes far enough when he says he wants to bring CCP to our ideas. 

I want a candidate that is going to make CCP live up to its own stated ideas.  In Mike's writings I see the vision of Eve as the ultimate sci-fi simulator that CCP is striving for.  And in Mike's actions I see a player who grasps opportunities that others miss.  That is what Mike would bring to the Council for Stellar Management and hopefully some of that will rub off on others once he is elected.

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