Sunday, March 13, 2011

Eve University Gets More Payback

When selecting a corporation to join in Eve Online, doing a little bit of research always helps.  One often overlooked consideration is whether the corporation you applied to has ever war-decced Eve University.  Why?  Because the people running Eve University have long memories and are always looking for revenge.

The latest example: Empire of Duckeye.  Back in December 2009 the two-person corp (well, Duckeye and his alt) decided to execute a faildec against Eve University.  Basically, a faildec is a wardec in which the corporation attacking the Uni just doesn't provide the student body any targets.  But whether you take out the Uni POS or just make people station spin, the Uni will remember.

Perhaps more importantly, the Uni's graduates never forget, and they are everywhere.  Especially in wormholes.  And on March 5-6, a joint Eve University/Adhocracy Incorporated task force destroyed an Empire of Duckeye POS in wormhole J112404.  Eve University reported on its website:

And perfect it was – within the first hours of the infiltration, E-UNI and their ADHC allies had set up an operational POS of their own to stage the combat from. Reports began to come through that Duckeye was rapidly self destructing the ships he had stored in his POS, to prevent them coming into enemy hands. One such notable ship loss was a Legion class advanced cruiser – an extremely expensive ship that is highly sought after.
“It is unclear at this time how many assets were destroyed by Duckeye himself to prevent us from seizing them,” an ILN Commanding Officer noted. “A Carrier class ship was also spotted, but it was logged offline in deep space so as not to be spotted or engaged.”
I'm not sure that the Unistas realize that Empire of Duckeye is no longer a one-man operation.  Dotlan currently shows the corp with 14 members and the Battleclinic killboard for the corp shows multiple members.  I wonder if those members know that part of the reason for their loss is that Duckeye wardecced the Uni over a year ago.

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