Monday, March 7, 2011

Cheetahs Are Cooler Than Turtles

No, the title does not refer to animals.  In both RIFT and Eve Online I spent a lot of time this weekend traveling in each game.  In RIFT I was constantly traveling back and forth either doing quests or chasing after rifts or invasions.  Doing the quests and invasions are pretty cool, but I really hate the travel on the back of the turtles I received for purchasing the Digital Collector's Edition of the game.  If I just do a short burst, then stay in one spot for 15-20 minutes, the travel doesn't bother me.  But when I have to travel for 60 seconds every five minutes?  Ugh!

Not so in Eve.  I was a week overdue collecting all of my data cores from my research agents spread out across New Eden, so I jumped in a Cheetah covert ops ship (because one of the agents is in low-sec) and made the 80+ jump circuit to visit them all.  I don't travel AFK, so I was at the controls during the entire journey, only taking breaks when I reached a station.  I actually find the 90 minute trip rather peaceful.  I just put on a podcast and enjoy the scenery.  Of course, New Eden being New Eden, things aren't all that peaceful.  Someone managed to aggro the gate guns at one of the high-sec gates.  And I'm not sure why at a couple of gates pilots had drones deployed, especially when they didn't have any corp mates with them.  Watching how people behave at gates is one of the things that makes long distance travel in Eve interesting.

TL;DR - One minute on the back of a turtle, bad.  90 minutes in a Cheetah, good.

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