Friday, March 4, 2011

My First T2 Ship BPC

Although I am writing a lot about RIFT, if I only have time to play one game in a night, that game is still Eve Online.  Last night is a good example.  After doing the maintenance on my planetary interaction colonies for the evening, I shifted into tech 2 production mode.  I am still in the process of creating tech 2 blueprint copies and the first ones rolled out of the labs last night.

I was attempting to turn copies of 5 Probe blueprints into Cheetah blueprints.  I had heard that the success rate for this is around 25% unless additional components are added to the invention process that I did not add.  When I finished my PI activity, I still had 30 minutes to wait before I knew the results of my invention attempts.  So what did I do?  Went out and bought more blueprints that I could copy, of course!

Since one of my goals is to own every sub-capital Minmatar ship, I decided I will make all the tech 2 frigates instead of purchasing them on the open market.  So I did a quick search and purchased the blueprints for the Slasher, Breacher, and Rifter and started the copy process.  When the copying is finished in about 2 weeks (yes, I'm using public copying facilities) I can attempt to make BPCs for the Jaguar, Wolf, Claw, Stiletto and Hound.  I also went out and purchased a copy of Frigate Construction, because I saw that I need that trained up to III in order to make these ships.  What about Vigil blueprints?  Well, who really flies the Hyena anyway?  Although who knows?  Maybe I can sell some to the anti-ganker squads when Hulkageddon V rolls around this summer.

Once I got everything squared away, I still had to wait 5 minutes for the invention jobs to finish.  If the weather outside just included a bit of snow, it would have felt like Christmas.  And when I got to open my presents, I found that two of the five invention jobs suceeded.  So I am now the proud owner of 2 Cheetah 1-run blueprint copies.

I have plenty of blueprint copies I can play with while I wait for the frigate blueprints to finish copying.  Next up is a ship I really want: the Mastodon.  I started up 5 invention jobs to create Mastodon BPCs and I'll know Sunday whether I succeeded or not.

Hmmm ... Mastodons.  And if I can make them, I can afford to lose one.  And I've really been curious to see how they perform in low-sec.  This could lead to further adventures.  Aren't sandboxes great?

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