Thursday, January 28, 2021

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.45 Launching Tuesday

I am currently finishing up patch 5.3 (Reflections in Crystal) and trying to learn the final trial, The Seat of Sacrifice. I thought I would have a little more time to catch up to current content, but patch 5.45 drops on Tuesday. 

I haven't run into any of the Bozja content. As far as I know, the big attraction of the content is upgrading the level 80 relic weapons. Patch 5.45 is adding resistance weapons quests called "Save the Queen" Square Enix is also adding something called "Delubrum Reginae". I'm not sure if  the content is a dungeon, raid, or just a big melee area. I haven't even started the content, so perhaps the description makes sense.

Beneath the wastes of Bozja Citadel lie the ruins of Queen Gunnhildr's kingdom. The temple at its heart, once a shining beacon of hope for Bozja, now remains forever shrouded in darkness. And it is there the Warrior of Light must lay the queen's legacy to rest.

Something I have no interest in is the Blue Mage update. The Blue Mage is a ranged magic DPS job that has a lot of limitations. Maybe if I run out of other jobs to level, but currently I only play White Mage and crafting/harvesting classes. But I'm pretty sure a raising of the level cap from 60 to 70 plus a lot of new spells and gear will make those playing the job pretty happy.

The part of the update that really interests me is the Skysteel Tools upgrade. From the description on the Shadowbringers website, the final upgrade for all the crafting and gathering tools drops on Tuesday. I have three tools, Botanist, Miner, and Weaver, already at the current maximum item level. I can't wait to see the capabilities of the last iteration of the tools.

As far as I can tell, not a huge patch. Then again, I'm still trying to finish the MSQ and haven't really paid much attention to anything involving fighting outside the story. Not even the beast tribe quests. So maybe I'll hear a lot of excitement coming from my FC's Discord over the next few days.

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