Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Ishgard Restoration - Stage 4, Day 8 - Server Progress

 Last night, my server finished up the Western Risensong Quarter, so it is on to do the eastern half.

I think we trigger another in-game event once we complete this final building phase. My server, Hyperion, is leading our data center, but we are well behind a couple of the EU worlds. I'm pretty sure progress will slow once the competitive event is over.

Activity is already slowing down, allowing me to rise to 45th place amongst weavers on my server. Right now, I'm not crafting not so much for the title as for the scrips to buy things. Right now I am up 5565 points over 100th place.

My accidental placement on the botanist list continues. I'm not too worried about staying on the list, as I believe I am only able to get one title, and my weaving performance pretty much guarantees I get it.

And hilariously, I managed to get on the mining list. Yes, I'm in 99th place and I doubt I'll finish on the list. Still, my performance shows that you always have a chance if you just keep going.

Finally, I managed to sell another 425,917 gil on the market yesterday. As activity declines, so will my income. But I still have a chance to reach 5 million ISK.

And a final note. The Kupo of Fortune game gives players a chance to win crafting-themed minions. I managed to win a Paissa Threadpuller, which is nice since I'm competing as a weaver. I think my minion dresses better than me.

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