Thursday, January 21, 2021

Ishgard Restoration - Stage 4, Day 9 - Craftsman's Glamour

I'm running out of major items to purchase. One of the last purchases on my list was to complete my collection of glamour items. I still haven't won the Casual Attire set from the Kupo of Fortune game, but I now own all of the Craftsman's glamour pieces.

I've created three sets out of the six items. The first is made up of the Craftsman's Coverall Top, Craftsman's Coverall Bottoms, and Craftsman's Leather Shoes. I think the set makes my character look like an auto mechanic. Definitely a look for running around Garlemald.

The second set is pretty much leather-based. In addition to the leather shoes, this shot includes the Craftsman's Singlet and Craftsman's Leather Pants. I really like the shirt tied around the waist.

Finally, I replaced the singlet with the final piece I purchased, the Craftsman's Apron. I like the effect as the pants and shoes merge pretty well, which is the reason for using the leather pants.

Going into the final day, I think I'm assured of finishing in the 40s on the weaver list. I plan on only crafting 20 items or so, just so I can say I finished with over 10,000 points.

On the botanist list, I rose three places to 92nd. I'll gather another hour or two, just to get the scrips.

I have the same plan for the final day with mining as well. I think even placing as high as 95th place as I was at the end of day 9 is a little silly.

Finally, the money making potential of the event is at an end. I only made 247,972 gil yesterday. In fact, Kiri didn't even sell all the items she put up for sale overnight. But since the Sunday afternoon before the competition began, I have made over 4.7 million gil.

As I publish this, the competition has a little over 4 hours left to run. Quite frankly, I'm ready to move onto other subjects. But I might as well go ahead and play to the end.

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