Sunday, January 17, 2021

Ishgard Restoration - Stage 4, Day 5 - Consumables and Additional Crafting Materials

With the day spent acquiring scrips and Skybuilder points, I had some time to consider some of the necessary things required to keep myself in the middle of the pack for the "Beatus / Beata of the Firmament" title. I thought I'd list a few things out.

Food: I carry food around for both crafting and gathering. For crafting, I eat Popotoes au Gratin. Until I can upgrade and overmeld the rest of my crafting gear, the food helps with all normal requirements. Still, the dish only allows me to qualify to do expert recipes. I can't do them. For gathering, Mushroom Saute works to boost my stats high enough to trigger all node bonuses.

Potions: The two potions I make the most use of are cordials and watered cordials. The potions restore the gathering points required for special actions. In effect, the potions mean I gather more. Very useful for reducing my gathering time.

Dark Matter: An item very easy to overlook, I use Grade 7 Dark Matter to repair all my gear. Yes, crafting & gathering gear loses durability when used. But with a stack of the repair material, all I have to do is wait until an item reaches 10% durability and then I can repair everything I am wearing. No leaving The Diadem or your preferred crafting area required.

Other crafting components: Because I make my own food and potions, I do have to take some time out to gather those items. I also need to gather up wind crystals and make Lignum Vitae Lumber for crafting the Grade 4 Skybuilders' Awnings required by the event. Except for extreme situations, I can let my retainers gather all of the ingredients for the food & potions, as well as all of the wind crystals I need. What I have to gather is the logs to craft the lumber. I've settled into making 40 of the awnings every night, which means I need to gather 160 logs and craft 40 pieces of lumber each day. I also run through 360 wind crystals. Thankfully I have 3 retainers that can keep up with the demand.

With the reflection on the logistics of the event out of the way, how am I doing? I won't look at the leaders because I'm so far behind, I get a little depressed. But my situation is still rock solid.

I did drop two places down to 54th place yesterday. I've been between 52nd and 55th place the entire event, so my strategy is working. Halfway through the competition, I am 3,135 points ahead of 100th place. 

My financial situation is definitely better than it was seven days ago. If I emptied my retainers' wallets into my own, I'd have over 5 million gil. Yesterday was one of my best days yet, earning 745,882 gil. Normally I collect the gil on Sundays, but due to the event I'll wait until next Sunday.

Finally, I started to have issues with the scrip cap. Players cannot hold more than 10,000 Skybuilders' scrips at a time, so I started purchasing emotes. I have 3 of the 7 available now and hopefully will have the other 4 purchased by this time tomorrow.

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