Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Fleet Finder UI Improvements

I have to admit I've never used the fleet finder function in EVE Online. Every fleet I've ever joined has been through "X"'ing up and being invited by the fleet commander. But I can see how the fleet finder is useful. On Tuesday, CCP published a dev blog with upcoming improvements.

Looking for a fleet

From reading the dev blog, the activities are better defined and fleet commanders can indicate whether new players are welcome or not. Back when I started playing in 2009, I was warned to never join a public fleet. Now CCP makes it easier for new players to join fleets. Times have changed.

Advertising your fleet

I hopped on Singularity to take a look at the UI myself. I can see why the fleet finder is useful in corporations, alliances, and coalitions. Fleet commanders can set up their fleets to only fly with their closest friends or just take anyone who comes along. Spies can still get into a fleet, but at least the UI can perform some basic filtering.

I still probably won't use the feature, as I prefer puttering around in EVE than doing super serious things. But I do like that CCP is still working on quality of life issues.

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